Awakening 4 - Rise of the Red Monkeys

The Engine of Innovation Deployment Guide

EOI Deployment Guide.png

If you accept the consequences of previous awakenings then only one awakening remains. What could be a strategy to disrupt the culture of an organization? How to embed Red Monkey Innovation Management by using previous insights and by using the EOI Agility Matrix and the EOI Portfolio Matrix? Where to start?

Based on 30 years of experience in organizational development and passionate system thinking, we developed the EOI Deployment Guide. This guide helps you to embed Red Monkey Innovation Management by using 3 EOI Deployment Tools.

EOI Mission Boxing

This is an executive game. The EOI Mission Box brings the power of the EOI Portfolio Matrix and the EOI Agity Matrix together in one metaphor or EOI Tool. CEO’s are responsible for starting an Engine of Innovation Culture Innovation Process by giving the right Executives the authority to disrupt the culture of their business unit.

This happens by handing over an EOI Mission Box to these Executives. It makes them visible for the organization. Business Innovation powered by EOI Culture Innovation starts organic. It starts with a coalition of the EOI Willing. It starts with actions taken by the CEO or Owners.

EOI Dashboarding

EOI Tuning Compass.png

In order to keep course we developed the Engine of Innovation Tuning Compass. This compass not only gives direction for EOI Culture Innovation but can also be used to measure your progress in 8 EOI Tuning Areas. These areas match the 8 EOI Tuning Areas of the EOI Agility and Portfolio Matrix.

Executives that go for EOI Culture Innovation are aware that EOI Culture Innovation has to result in business results. For this reason they correlate the outcome of EOI Culture Innovation with a Business Innovation Dashboard that visualizes ‘Business Innovation powered by EOI Culture Innovation’. They create passion to innovate within their part of the organization. They create an EOI Dashboard.

EOI Steps

The bottom line of EOI Culture Innovation is EOI Steps. EOI Steps is a Culture Innovation Program that brings order to culture innovation. It is a structured process to change the culture of organization. It can only be started in organizations that embrace EOI Mission Boxing and EOI Dasboarding. It can only be started in organizations that have the bravery to embed Red Monkey Innovation Management in their organization.

Awakening Points

  • Accept the need for a coalition of the EOI Willing. Never start an EOI Culture Innovation process without support of the CEO and sufficient executives that embrace the EOI Mindset.

  • Play the game of EOI Mission Boxing to given engagement for EOI Culture Innovation a face.

  • Develop an EOI Dashboard to correlate the impact of EOI Tuning Projects on the culture of your organization an its business results.

  • Embrace EOI Stepping as a transformation process to bring order in Culture Innovation.

  • Embrace Open EOI Culture Innovation to embed Open Business Innovation in your culture.

  • Embrace EOI Home Stepping were 3D-Smarts, 3D-Managers and 3D-Executives are encouraged to become EOI Experts in developing and running EOI Stepping Programs. Only organizations that succeed in EOI Home Stepping prove that EOI Culture Innovation became embedded in their culture. A place that supports a Rise of the Red Monkeys.