Awakening 1 - The Color Of Innovation Will Be Red



At this moment we are taking one of our biggest steps in evolution. We are leaving an age of information shortage (2D-Age) and are entering the age of information luxury (3D-Age).

At the same time we are also entering an age of conflicts. Conflicts between people who never experienced the power of learning and working in the groove with their talents (2D-Smarts) and people who have tasted their potential the moment they learned and worked in the groove with who they are (3D-Smarts).

During this module participants will be confronted with the impact of this step in our evolution. Organizations can only survive if executives and managers are able to embrace the passion and talents of people working for their organization. They have to accept the consequences and destroy the processes that disabled people to work and learn in flow with their talents.

Awakening Points

  • Accept the reality of the battle between 2D-Smarts and 3D-Smarts.

  • Accept the 2D-Unintented (negative) Consequences of information shortage on education and work. We have to disrupt the systems of the past to free us for the future.



The moment people start learning and working in the groove with their passion and talents they transform into 3D-Smarts. Based on their passion to suffer they will discover the potential and value of their talents and will do everything that is needed to be able to learn and act in the groove with these talents.

Managers and executives have to understand this natural potential of people. If they lack the passion and talents to understand and embrace this new paradigm for learning and competence development they will never be able to develop ‘Engines of Innovation’.

Awakening Points

  • Accept the potential of Passion for Talents.

  • Accept real (physical) learning and the need for Social Validation of Competences.

  • Understand the dramatic impact of Jeff’s Law (Electricity of Learning) on education, training and development.

  • Accept the power of ‘gamification’ on motivation for learning and working.

  • Accept the end of diplomas, function descriptions and pension age.


Power Defect.png

3D-Smarting is responsible for an incredible increase in the number of disruptive products and services entering the market. This dramatic increase in disruptive innovation power not only destructs the balance of power of old and new organizations but also the power of 2D-Smarts.

Most organizations are struggling for survival. And yet, even if we realize and understand the need to adapt, we fail to make the transition to this new step in our evolution as smoothly as possible.

The ‘Power Defect’ will bring understanding why organizations fail to adapt. Too much power is in the hands of people who lack the needed passion and talents to make a difference. This defect makes the development of newly needed competences too slow or impossible. It will cause organizations to fail because of incompetent employees, managers and executives. The handover of work to the best fitted is broken.

The ‘Power Defect’ is the most deadly organizational killer we know. If managers and executives fail to understand and accept the consequences of the ‘Power Defect’ it will be impossible to change the culture of their organization in order to survive.

Awakening Points

  • Accept the real meaning of the word ‘Competence’.

  • Accept the destructive power of the ‘Power Defect’.

  • Accept the existence of the ‘Power Defect’ in your organization.

  • Accept the need for solving the ‘Power Defect’.

  • Accept the need for a dramatic disruption in employment. We will shift from employment based on discipline and intelligence (diplomas & function descriptions) to employment based on passion and talent (competence playlists & roles).



Embracing 3D-Smarting and solving the ‘Power Defect’ should be on the agenda for every executive team. Without solving these challenges, survival in this age of information luxury and disruptive innovation will be impossible.

Red Monkey Innovation Management is developed as a solution for these challenges. It embraces the power of passion and talents of 3D-Smarts, it eliminates the ‘Power Defect’ within management (managers and executives), boosts the learning power of your organization and embeds agile and disruptive innovation in the culture of your organization. The only thing you need is a CEO with the passion, the talents and the authority to make it happen (supported by a minimum of 3D-Passionate and Talented Executives). If that is not the case, it will be nearly impossible.

Awakening Points

  • Accept Red Monkey Innovation Management as foundation for culture innovation.

  • Accept the consequences of Red Monkey Innovation Management on employment of employees, managers and executives.

  • Accept the challenges of embedding Red Monkey Innovation Management in your organizational culture.

  • Accept the disruptive impact on Management Style and Executive Style.

  • Accept the need for a strategy and a toolkit to make it happen.

  • Accept the concept of ‘Organic but Agile Disruption’.

The First Transformation Strategy built for Organizations or Networks embracing Open Culture Innovation