Awakening 3 - Organizations are Jungles

Leaving the age of 3D-Executives


3D-Managers succeed in creating agile teams with the right 3D-Smarts at the right moment. They bring passion to suffer to a team to bring out the best from talented 3D-Smarts.

3D-Executives are responsible for the development of the portfolio of their organization. They are 3D-Creative Entrepreneurs that have the passion and talents to embed disruptive and agile Red Monkey Innovation Management in the portfolio of their organization. They embrace 3D-Managers to bring agility in the renewal of their portfolio.

They embrace a 3D-Executive Style by bringing into the culture of their organization. They are 3D-Creative Entrepreneurs that embrace 3D-Management Style to bring agility in the renewal their portfolio.

Awakening Points

  • Accept the the need for 3D-Executives.

  • Accept the EOI Portfolio Compass to develop 3D-Missioning, 3D-Inspiration, 3D-Incubation and 3D-Operation.

  • Accept that not every 2D-Executive will be able to become a 3D-Executive.

  • Accept the consequences of embracing the 3D-Executive Style. It will disrupt the employment of 2D-Executives.

  • Accept the need for Open Business Innovation powered by Red Monkey Innovation Management.

The Engine of Innovation Portfolio Matrix

EOI Portfolio Matrix.png

In order to develop a 3D-Executive Style we developed the EOI Portfolio Matrix. With this holistic tool we connect all the actions to be taken to install a 3D-Executive Style in your organization.

During this part you will be able to taste the potential of this Engine of Innovation Development Tool.

Awakening Points

  • Accept the art of 3D-Missioning, 3D-Operation, 3D-Incubation, 3D-Operation and the impact on Partner Development, Management Development and Supporting Processes.

  • Accept the EOI Portfolio Matrix as a framework for EOI Tuning Projects (transformation projects that will boost the power of your Engine of Innovation).

  • Play the EOI Portfolio Matrix Game to understand the scope and disruptive impact of EOI Tuning Projects on your organizational culture.

  • Accept the disruptive nature of the EOI Portfolio Matrix.

  • Accept the impact of the EOI Portfolio Matrix on Open Innovation.