“Boosting learning and innovation is the result of casting the right people with the right passion and talents in the right roles.”


Culture transformation to boost the learning and innovation power of organizations, is one of the most difficult transformation processes because it needs to shift power to people with the right passion and talents.

Based on our experience, disruptive culture innovation is only possible if the CEO / Owner and his executive team are willing and able to change their ‘executive style’.

This will not be possible for all executives. For this reason, culture transformation can’t rely on consensus in the executive team, it has to start with the right executives. It’s all about ‘respectful conflict’.

The Perfect Organization is not a training session. It is an executive awakening about how to embed ‘Red Monkey Innovation Management’ in your organization. It will give you all the insights and an overview of all the tools to make it happen.

The success of using these insights and toolkit will depend on the passion, the talents and the courage to use them.

‘The Perfect Storm’ is available in different formats …

In-House Sessions

The Perfect Organization @YourPlace

Experience the power of the Engine of Innovation Mindset Map and Toolkit with your executive team @yourplace.

The Perfect Organization @yourplace is available as a One-Day session or a Two-Day session. The difference … ‘awake’ or ‘awake with a plan’.

Special deals for organizations that have booked Jef Staes as a keynote speaker.

Special deals for Executive Coaches that want to explore the potential of the Engine of Innovation Mindset for the executives and organizations they coach.

Open-NETWORK Sessions

The Perfect Organization @yourNETWORK #OPEN

The learning and innovation power of organizations will increase dramatically if organizations embrace ‘Open Innovation’.

To promote the concept of ‘Open Business Innovation powered by Open Culture Innovation’ we are looking for partners to organize these Open-Network Sessions within their network.

Our advice is to organize Open-Network Sessions with tables of people responsible for organizational development.

Depending on your network, different ‘Table Settings’ are possible …

  • A table with the CEO, some passionate executives, some passionate managers, some passionate employees, some passionate HRM or/and Innovation Experts, an Executive Coach and a student to open your mind to the next generation.

  • A table with the CEO and his successors … we love and respect family owned companies. But sometimes they also need to change their executive style. This awakening sessions could facilitate the transition of power to the next generation.

  • Tables from organizations that are merging. The Perfect Organization could give them the needed insights to make the merger happen with culture innovation as a merger facilitator.

  • A table of Executive Coaches that want to experience the power of the Engine of Innovation Toolkit and are open for working with us.

  • Be table-creative … join with a table of CEO’s of companies or organizations you do business with … join with a table of …

We our looking for cooperation with existing networks of organizations. We really believe that ‘The Perfect Organization’ could trigger a new beginning for your network. Win-win-win … your network organization … your members … us … 8-)

Very Special deals for Schools that want to become partner in organizing Open-Network Sessions.

The First Transformation Strategy built for Organizations or Networks embracing Open Culture Innovation