This session is too disruptive. We need EOI Guides!

We are looking for Executive Coaches that are fans of the Red Monkey Story and the Engine of Innovation Mindset! Imagine … an organization that you coach inspired by ‘The Perfect Organization’ … a new beginning … a 3D-Beginning …

If you are an executive coach in the field of organizational development, innovation management, creative entrepreneurship, personal coaching of executives, regional development and open for a new mindset … contact us with the form below.

We want to create an Engine of Innovation Expert Network. Passionate talented people who will become Master in the Engine of Innovation Mindset and become member of Engine of Innovation Guilds that match their passion and talents.

It will become the first network that uses the same language for organizational development. It will use the energy of internal and external experts … from students en seniors … from all sectors … from all regions.

Are you candidate to become an Engine of Innovation Guide?

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